Q. What is the purpose of Historic Murray First Foundation?

A. HMF’s purpose is to raise money for the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the Historic Murray First Ward.

Q. When I donate to Historic Murray First Foundation, will my donation be tax deductible?

A. HMF has 501(c)(3) status with the I.R.S., allowing you to claim your contribution as a deduction.

Q. What is Historic Murray First’s Donation goal?

A. HMF would like to raise at least $1,000,000 to provide structural upgrades to help the Historic Murray First Ward Chapel meet modern code requirements and ensure ongoing maintenance of its iconic architecture.

Q. Why is this foundation necessary?

A. This building is old and will require a lot of money to restore and maintain. We expect that the owner of the building will welcome financial help from a partner. Furthermore, the building is unoccupied and its future is uncertain. It has faced threats of demolition in the past, and may in the future. We hope to counter this.

Q. What vision does Historic Murray First Foundation have for the building?

A. HMF sees this building being a bright gem of Murray’s downtown, a building where the paint has been removed revealing the beautiful yellow brick underneath, the trim carefully repaired and repainted and the exterior and interior restored into something Murray can be proud of.

Any other questions?

Please contact: historicmurrayfirst@gmail.com